Modelka Nyakim Gatwech zaujala svět svou hodně tmavou barvou pokožky. Právě kvůli tomu se jí přezdívá „královna temnoty“. Nyakim pochází z Jižního Súdánu, ale žije v Minneapolise v Minnesotě. Tím, že je odlišná se stala několikrát terčem posměchů a urážek, ale ona svou kůži připomínající tmavou čokoládu miluje. Jak se vám líbí?

I was asked the other day: „How do you feel about being nick named the 'Queen of the Dark'?“ My answer: „I actually like the name. There is nothing wrong with darkness and to add 'Queen' is just Cherry on the top! Blackness & Darkness shouldn't be ONLY reserved for sadness/death or other evils.. it is something to be celebrated and uplifted in all its forms!“ So I am the 'Queen of the Dark' who brings light and love to those around me. ❤️ Project: ||.RARE.|| : : ||.Creative Director, Styled & Photographed By.|| Fashion Designer || @isaacwest : : : ||.Model.|| @queenkim_nyakim || #wcw #queenofdark #chocolate #southsudanesebeauty #melaninpoppin❤️✨ #melaningoddess #nubianqueen #africanqueen #nuergirlbeauty #saynotoskinbleaching☝ #myblackisbeautiful #blackgirlmagic✨

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MELANIN MONDAY Dear my moonshine dark skin, sun kissed complexion, burn skin or whatever they might call you, You are beyond beautiful and the love I have for is unconditional because you are me. you represent me and I represent you and let show the world how beautiful and intelligent we are apart from just being dark skin, because we are more than what this Society think of our dark skin let stand up for those who can't. Let's speak up those who can't. And stay beautiful while doing it❤️❤️ @piokky @miss__aude @audeswim @queenkim_nyakim Model @queenkim_nyakim #saynotoskinbleaching☝ #slefloveisthebestlove #melaninpoppin❤️✨ #nubianqueen #queenofdark #melaningoddess #southsudanesebeauty #blackgirlmagic✨ #nuerbeauty #confideniskey❤️ #africanqueen #longlegadontcare❤️

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